jeff's cakeFill your glass high, the time has come!

Jeff celebrated his 60th birthday on July 12, 2006. The following are just some of the tributes that have flowed in from throughout the world.

"Happy birthday, Jeff. Could we have a glass of wine together while singing together Iron Horse or Yellow River in Benidorm?"
Victor Ramos, Alicante, Spain

"Happy birthday, Jeff! Congratulations on your 60th anniversary! Cheers to you and your music! Congratulations to you with San Bernardino's official anthem, the entire Christie catalogue, and about 40 years of music and records."
Edvin Paulsen, Oslo, Norway

German fans Isabel Mey and Rainer Frank combined to produce a musical tribute for Jeff's birthday. Rainer changed the words of Yellow River, which were then sung by Isobel and the students of her music school. Listen to a sample here.

"I am a Christie Mexican fan since 1971. I would like to send a great
congratulation to Jeff who founded one of my favorite pop groups and
compose a lot of great songs. I bought the two recent releases of the band and I am happy to know the new songs because in Mexico not all the songs were released."
Eduardo Vargas, Mexico

"Hi Jeff. Your music captured the innocence of growing in the 70s, I was living in apartheid South Africa then where we had no access to any media and your song Yellow River conjured the magic place where we all longed to go. We had a little makeshift group and Yellow River was the favourite song that we all learned to play. Long may you flow; happy birthday."
Allan Munsami, Auckland, New Zealand

antonie"Jeff, I wish you all the best for your birthday. Health, contentment, success, luck, joy and all that you want. You bring me so much joy and happy moments with your music. Thank you so much! I hope, you never stop writing and singing songs. I wish you a wonderful birthday and give you all the flowers from my garden."
Antonie Griebl, Bavaria/Germany

"Happy birthday dear Jeff Christie! Words could not do justice to the enjoyment I felt with the first album. All the best of everything for you and you family."
Helen Pugh, USA

"Thank you so much for your contribution. As a child of the 60s, I grew up with Yellow River and San Bernadino. Today, I am 46 years old. My 12 year old son also loves the songs. It's nice to know that 34 years later your work still has that commercial appeal. Happy birthday."
Herman Ruben, Singapore

"My best wishes to you on your birthday, Jeff."
Michael Graf, Germany

"Thank you for all the great music. All the other recordings you did were good, but it's Yellow River which will be remembered forever in history! Again, thank you, sir, for all that you did."
Siva Subramaniam, India

"May Jeff have a happy and wonderful birthday with all his friends who love him and his music. Come on, Jeff, smile! You're 60 today but it's not the end of the line. It's just a number, a bit like Yellow River and San Bernadino, they are classics and will live on forever - a bit like you. May you and you music be around for a long time yet to bring happiness to all that see and hear you."
Bryan Calvert, UK

"It's wonderful to know a person like you can bring good music to the whole world. We in the Philippines love you. You are really great. May God bless you always."
Jimmy Surtes, Philippines

"Happy birthday, Jeff !"
Alan Young, UK

"I loved all the other singles of Christie apart from Yellow River. Why don't you produce songs like that again? Happy birthday."
Rob Witschge, the Netherlands

"Thanks to the site, I have the chance to wish you many happy returns. Happy birthday!"
Renee King, UK

"My family and I were listening to Yellow River in the car on the way home the other day .. and I told my kids that's the sort of songs they made when pop music was good. None of this rap stuff or unmelodic songs they have today. I guess I'm sounding old .. I remember when my dad told me he couldn't stand my music. Happy 60th!"
Keith Lin, Asia

bett"I wish you Jeff, a really fantastic 60th birthday. The happiest birthday ever, with lots of fun and laughter."
Bett Wires, Surrey, UK

"60 years! The candles will shine bright tonight!"
Bill in Canada

"To: Jeff Christie, I do wish you a happy birthday. Best wishes."
Johan Petur Niclassen, Faroe Islands

"I know a friend of a friend of yours .. and have always been told that you are a lovely person as well as talented. May God continue to bless you with good health."
Paul Cooper, Lincs, UK

"Love, peace, joy. You are only as old as you feel."
Augustus Mata, Argentina

"Happy birthday for 60 wonderful and blessed years! Long as both of your eyes can see, as long as you've got two legs and feet ... well, other things are just formalities!"
Charles Pickett, Australia

"What are you going to do for the next 60 years? Would love to hear some new work from you. You have a distinctive voice and ear for melody. Music is the most powerful (social) force on earth, and you speak the language everyone can understand. Making people happy, lifting them for a few minutes or hours is a wonderful thing to be able to do. And you helped to bring wonder and the joy of discovery into millions of lives. Thank you for using your gifts as a positive force in the world."
Jim Smith, Wales, UK

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to send a message to someone whose work has become a part of my childhood. Wishing you good health and best wishes."
Ahmad Zulkifli, Indonesia

"I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I love everything you've done. I'm a big fan!!"
Jyri Haljoki: Finland

"The music was sheer pop genius and you were talented enough to realise it. Love ya."
Frank Ash

"Dear Jeff, congratulations for your birthday! We all would like to thank you, because what you have done for the music. Long life for you!"
Wilson Alexandre, Natal, Brazil

"Dear Mr Christie, I want to wish you a very magic birthday."
Alla, Russia

pablo"Dear Jeff, I don't know whether you will see this, but thank you for Yellow River, Iron Horse and San Bernadino. And the other great tracks. My deepest thanks from Mexico."
Pablo, Monterrey, Mexico

"Dear Jeff, may your star shine bright for ever and ever. I wish I could see you now just to say 'thank you' in person and give you a big hug. All my loving."
Nina Starr, São Paulo, Brazil

"The angels are smiling. God Bless. I used to love your music."
Sylvia, Toronto, Canada

"Best wishes and long life, Jeff. Keep rocking."
Oliver, Germany

"My greatest regret was never having seen the band play live back in their heyday. Yellow River, San Bernadino, Picture Painter, Martian King .. what a show that would have been! As the song goes, If Only ... Many happy returns."
Old Christie fan, UK

"Happy anniversary! Cheers for the next 25 or so ...."
Jonas, Sweden

"I hope you have a great day; good luck and good health to you."
Sarah, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

"Happy 60th birthday!! Not only are you a brilliant musician, but you are a still a gorgeous hunk! Keep rocking, darlin'."
Someone you know, USA

"Jeff, you and I share the same birthday (but not the same year), and that makes me very, very happy! Many congratulations on this milestone, and it's about time you wrote a book on Christie."
John Holley, London, UK

"What's the secret to staying slim, healthy and with lots of hair? Whatever it is, it's working! Happy birthday."
Edvard, Belgium