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July 12, 2024

For the record: it's Jeff's birthday! Living is giving!

Don't forget Jeff answers your messages when he has time! Feel free to drop him a line.


Jeff and Lorenzo are finalists at the 2024 International Singer Songwriter Award, which will be held in Atlanta, USA, on August 24. They are nominated for International Duo of the Year. The event will be televised on the Roku TV channel.


Rainy Day Man is the latest collaboration between Jeff and Lorenzo. Read this article from East Leeds Magazine.


turn to stone

Are you ready for JEFF CHRISTIE's new album?
We'll be featuring samples of the tracks each day in the lead-up to Christmas!

Track 1: Man Of Many Faces

Track 2: Better By Now

Track 3: Driving Down To Memphis

Track 4: Put Your Money Down

Track 5: Crash and Burn

Track 6: Building Bridges

Track 7: Ordinary People

Track 8: Fool's Gold

Track 9: Lost Without a Trace

Track 10: One In A Million

Track 11: Inside Looking Out

Track 12: Heaven

Track 13: For All Mankind


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