you're not there
You're Not There

You're Not There (L Gabanizza)

Jeff Christie guested on this single by long-time Christie fan Lorenzo Gabanizza.
   A tribute to Lorenzo's mother, the song also features a host of top musicians, including Top 5 Billboard charting guitarist Rusty Wright, Snake Davis (who's worked with Paul McCartney, Culture Club), and Lorenzo's brother Max (Chuck Berry).
   Lorenzo himself is a skilled musician, having previously joined with former Christie guitarist Vic Elmes' Christie Again band, and featured on their album of Christie hits, on which he contributed some original songs.
   Christie's music was an integral part of Lorenzo's childhood as his first discovery of the English language came from the likes of Yellow River and San Bernadino. He would sing them to his mother, who also loved the music. When his mother passed away, Lorenzo reached out to Jeff for some closure, through a song that expressed his feelings of grief, regret, and acceptance.
   Mixing was done by Peter Hall, and the mastering by Greg Calbi, a 62-time Grammy winner engineer and who has worked with an impressive list of artists such as Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and David Bowie.
   You can watch the video here.


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