CHRISTIE rocketed to fame at the dawn of the 70s with their single Yellow River, a smash hit that made it into the charts in just about every country in the world.
     Listeners found the catchy, commercial beat and melody — backed by solid production values and a "jingle jangle" sound that was to become a trademark of many other Christie offerings — an irresistible combination, and bought the single by the millions.
     The band was to follow up the single with many more songs that were just as melodic and appealing. San Bernadino brought forth more success, and has been adopted as that city's official song. Another hit, Iron Horse, is as close to pure commercial pop as you can get. Most of the band's output was written by the group's leader and lead vocalist, Jeff Christie, who was equally at home writing bright and bouncy, commercial tunes, as he was at dreaming up a lilting ballad, a soulful refrain, or a heavier, more powerful sound.

SpeakerHear the Christie sounds for yourself! Now all lyrics come with audio samples!

  That Christie failed to make a bigger name for themselves in pop music history remains a mystery — maybe it was a case of poor timing and lost opportunities — but in a perfect world, and based on the songs that the group produced, it would be difficult to find another band which so consistently came up with the commercial, pleasing tunes that Christie released.
     This website cannot change the past, but it aims to place Christie in a more prominent light in the annals of pop music history. And maybe even bring forth a whole new generation of fans who appreciate the solid, pop rock music of this band, as well as the songwriting genius of Jeff Christie.

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